• No Griefing
    • Do not break or alter player-made things.
    • Replant farms if you used them.
    • Do not kill player-owned animals.
    • You must leave if someone asks you to leave their place.
  • No Stealing
    • Do not steal other players’ items. This includes all containers (armor stands, item frames, shulker boxes, furnaces, etc.)
    • Stealing from non-locked containers is also against the rules!
    • Do not scam trades that were verbally agreed upon.
  • No Cheating (X-ray, Flying, etc.)
    • Do not use mods that give you an unfair advantage over other players.
    • X-ray is taken seriously, and you will get caught.
    • Do not use any form of automated gameplay, such as using AutoClicker mods, securing your mouse button with tape, or using macros while AFK.
    • AFKing is allowed.
    • Minimap mods are allowed (but not cave maps).
  • PvP rules
    • You are able to PvP if both players have /pvp toggled on, but non-consensual PvP is still frowned upon (except for arenas).
    • Do not /tpa trap.
    • Do not spawn and/or spam kill.
    • Do not trick new players into enabling their PvP.
    • Do not lure new players to PvP arenas.
  • Chat Rules
    • No racist/homophobic/etc. slurs.
    • We allow swearing but don’t go overboard.
    • No spamming or advertising other servers.
    • Keep mature subjects in adult chat (/a [message]).
  • Use Common Sense
    • Learning about the rules above should give you a pretty solid understanding of what we’re trying to do here on SoftSlayer, so just use common sense for anything else that isn’t listed.

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