Below is an explanation of the ranks of our server, with their colors as seen in-game.

  • Member: Members gain the rank upon joining our server, marking the beginning of their journey within our community.
  • Civilian: Civilians are familiar with the basics of the server and can be considered integral members of our community. The rank grants you access to the superflat creative world (/warp creative), where you can test your building skills or plan out builds. Civilians can also build within the 400 block radius of spawn, since we trust them not to grief. Earned by playing on the server for 30 days.
  • Veteran: Veterans have overcome their two week Minecraft urge and stuck around. Pretty incredible. The rank gives you the ability to apply for staff, as well as access to Worldedit in the creative world. Earned by playing on the server for 3 months.
  • Expert: Experts are the cool kids. They are probably rich by now, and either work on large projects or are trying to become the next Jeff Bezos. Earned by playing on the server for 6 months.
  • Master: Masters are at tipping point of questionable sanity. They’ve been around long enough to know basically everything and everyone, and they are either the nicest players you’ve ever met or total menaces. Earned by playing on the server for a year.
  • Legend: Legends are the grandpas, the OGs. Their kids are probably playing on the server. They have stayed with SoftSlayer through thick and thin, and deserve the prestige of the server’s rarest rank. Earned by playing on the server for 4 years.
  • SS+: Our VIP rank, gained by donating to our server. You maintain your rank from those above but you get to show off your new color in chat.

Each rank gets a /kit named after their rank. Higher ranks keep access to lower ranks’ kits.

Staff ranks:

  • Chat Mod: Chat Mods moderate chat (duh) and remain in survival mode. All players who applied and were accepted to be part of staff have to start from Chat mod, and may later get promoted to eMod.
  • Elite Mod: eMods have most of the powers of an Admin (creative, worldedit etc.) and handle everything related to fixing grief and monitoring rule-breakers. Only the best Chat Mods make it to eMod.
  • Admin: Those responsible for keeping SoftSlayer running all these years. Here to help with whatever you need, but keep in mind that they might be busy with other responsibilities, so its usually better to ask an emod for help with more minor stuff.
  • Retired: The retired staff that have done so much for SoftSlayer that we decided to let them keep some perks if they ever hop on for a bit.

Interested in becoming a part of the SoftSlayer Staff? Click the link below and fill out our application! Make sure to read it carefully.
SoftSlayer Staff Application

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