Is there land claim?

SoftSlayer features no land claim plugin. This is by design, and it has been our server’s philosophy since the beginning. However:
Other players are not allowed to grief your builds, or steal from you (read rules for a more detailed explanation). Any area you build on is automatically considered “claimed” by you.

What do I do when I join?

Upon joining the first time, you will begin in Spawn. You can:

  • Explore Spawn and the surrounding areas, and make your way to the wild from there.
  • Check out our Hub with /hub, and see what our server has to offer.
  • Use /wild to instantly teleport somewhere random within the map’s borders, and begin surviving!
  • Don’t forget to use /sethome once you set up somewhere, so you can quickly return with /home.
  • Looking to join a team? Check the #clans thread on our Discord for clans that accept applications. Clan Leaders have to be the ones to invite you. Or just pop a quick question in chat in case anyone is interested! Keep in mind that people usually do not trust new players right off the bat.

How do clans work?

Clans provide a simple way for larger groups to organize. Use the /clan command for the user interface.

To join a clan, you need to be invited to one by a clan leader. Check the #clans thread on our Discord for clans that accept applications.
Creating your own clan costs some money, and you need to have 3 members to be verified and gain access to all clan features.

Our clan plugin features no land claim or other pvp related elements.

How do I make money in-game?

You can make money in multiple ways:

  • Mine diamonds and sell them at the /shop.
  • Voting for our server with /vote. Voting gives you $600 per day, 100$ per site and another $300 for voting on all three of them. You also have a low chance to win the small and big vote lotteries for more money and rare items.
  • You can eventually start your own shop to sell items to other players. Check the infographics in /shops for more information. Some players are also buying stuff on their shops.

How do skills work?

Our skills plugin is called McMMo. You can read more about each skill by doing /skillname ? [page]. For example, /swords ? 1.

How do I lock my chests?

To lock your chests, place a sign on the chest without sneaking. Other blocks that can be locked include doors, trapdoors, furnaces, barrels, shulkers etc. You can edit the sign to add more names or [Redstone] to allow interaction with redstone items. Add your clan’s NAME (not tag) in brackets to give your entire clan access to the container. Below is an example of a lock sign:


I got griefed. What do I do now?

If you have been griefed/stolen from, an eMod or Admin can assist you with rolling the damage back and punishing the offender. To contact a staff member, either message one in-game or leave a report on our Discord, in the #requests_and_reports thread. Please do not attempt to fix the grief yourself, it is easier for us to roll it back as it is.

How do I apply for staff?

Keep in mind that we are very picky when it comes to staff. You will have to prove to us that you are a player we can trust. And yes, that means no asking to be staff on your first day on the server.

If you think you qualify for staff, click the link below and fill out our application! Make sure to read it carefully.
SoftSlayer Staff Application

I got banned. How do I appeal?

To appeal your ban, create a post on our Ban Appeal Discord. In your post, explain to us why you think your ban was unfair, or apologize for breaking the rules and ask for a second chance.

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