We are honored that you would consider supporting our server. We never expect anyone to donate but our appreciation is endless to those who do. SoftSlayer would not be where it is today without those supporting us.

To thank those who do donate, we like to award you with a nice set of perks that also are compliant with Mojang’s EULA. SoftSlayer Plus is what we unnecessarily call our VIP Rank! The perks and pricing is listed below.

SS Plus
$10 for 2 months (or $40 for a year)

  • Access to colored chatColor Codes
  • Choose your rank color and [SS+] chat prefix (ask an Admin or eMod):
    • Option a: [SS+]Username – Original rank color
    • Option b: [SS+]Username
    • Option c: [SS+]Username
    • Option d: [SS+]Username
    • Option e: [SS+]Username
    • Option f: [SS+]Username
    • Option g: Username
    • Option h: Username
    • Option i: Username
    • Option j: Username
    • Option k: Username
  • A SoftSlayer-only plugin that allows you to customize your join/leave message – /cm
  • Wear blocks as hats – /hat
  • Control the weather – /weather
  • Nickname yourself – /nick
  • Custom particle trails – /trails
  • Ability to set infinite homes with /sethome
  • One Discord emoji of your choosing
  • Add 5 words of your choosing, either as prefixes or suffixes, to our custom loot plugin

Donate for SS+ here:
or message JHodges on Discord for Venmo/Cashapp (include your MC username in your payment note).

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How to join with consoles:
XboxPS4, PS5Switch

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